‘As soon as the kids were here, they were very joyful’

In April, the John T. Gorman Foundation awarded the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Maine a grant to provide afterschool and summer programming for 240 children living temporarily in two hotels in South Portland. The goals of the program are not only to offer a positive space and academic support to students, but also to relieve stress for their entire families, who are coping with past trauma and difficult circumstances as refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers. We recently spoke with Baba Ly, Senior Program Director at the Club, to learn more about the trauma-informed approach they are using to serve them.

Foundation Sponsors Maine Public Series on Childcare

The John T. Gorman Foundation has sponsored Maine Public’s Deep Dive on Childcare–a comprehensive look at the troubles Maine families have in finding and affording care for their young children, the challenges teachers and providers are up against, and some strategies that are making headway. This infographic says a lot, but for all the details,… Read more »

Supporting Mental Health in Oxford County

Research on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) clearly outlines the connections between the traumatic experiences of poverty and poor educational, behavioral and physical health outcomes. This is true nationally and here in Maine. Oxford County is one illustration of these connections. It’s a community where 20% of children under 18 live in poverty (vs 16.7% statewide)… Read more »

Innovation and Replication: Pine Tree Legal’s Medical-Legal Partnership

As one of the Foundation’s core funding strategies, we look to replicate successful strategies with the potential to achieve greater scale and reach across the state. One example of this is the recent expansion of Pine Tree Legal’s medical-legal partnership into Portland. First started as a pilot program at Lewiston’s B-street clinic, the initiative aimed… Read more »

Exciting Work Continues in Portland to Support Youth from Birth through Adulthood

  Since 2013, the John T. Gorman Foundation has invested in Starting Strong, the early education component of ConnectED, a Portland-based cradle-to-career initiative. The Starting Strong effort brings more than 30 partners from the Portland area together around common goals. Ensuring that all children enter school ready to learn and succeed and that all children… Read more »

New Report Looks at State of Early Head Start in Maine

Researchers have consistently made the case that investing in our youngest kids’ educational enrichment pays off down the line, finding anywhere from a 7-to-1 to a 13-to-1 return on initial investment. Head Start, the federally funded early education program that’s celebrating its 52nd year, is widely recognized as an effective vehicle for this kind of… Read more »

Summer Learning Keeps Young Readers On Track

Summer is just around the corner—which means that planning for the Foundation’s summer learning initiative is well underway. Now in its fourth year, the initiative is based on the understanding that low-income students lose on average two months of learning during the long break from school, and that this lost ground contributes to the achievement… Read more »

Grantee Profile: Starting Strong

  Since 2013, the John T. Gorman Foundation has invested in Starting Strong, an initiative that brings together more than 30 partners from the Portland area to focus on the common goal of ensuring that all children in the district can read proficiently by the end of third grade. The Foundation is a committed partner… Read more »