Making Maine a Place Where All Children and Families Can Thrive

The John T. Gorman Foundation advances ideas and opportunities that can improve the lives of people in Maine.

We fund initiatives and test strategies that seek to improve the well-being and resiliency of Maine children. We do this by ensuring children and their parents and caregivers have the tools and supports they need to be successful. The intent of these grants and initiatives is to test new approaches that can measurably improve outcomes and address disparities for children and families experiencing poverty. Once proven effective, we seek to expand their application to more children and families by leveraging practice and policy change.

Following a two-generation approach, we seek out and support grantees who serve children and parents simultaneously, recognizing that their wellbeing is interdependent. Our work is based on our values – families, prevention, comprehensive approaches, data and results, sound public policy, partnerships & collaboration, our founder’s legacy, and equity – which guide decisions of what we fund and what strategies we explore.

The bulk of our investments are invitation-only to grantees that have demonstrated a capacity for whole-family or two-generation approaches to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and improve child and family wellbeing in five key areas: education, social capital, physical/mental health, wealth and assets, and employment navigation and supports.

In addition to invitation-only grantmaking, we accept applications each year for our Direct Services Grant Program (DSGP), which provides program or operating grants up to $25,000 for organizations that fulfill immediate basic needs for people experiencing poverty, including food, shelter, and physical and mental health services.