Seeing Two-Generation Strategies at Work in Bangor

  An unfortunate reality is that a child raised in poverty is much more likely to become an adult living in poverty. In fact, 42% of children born to parents at the bottom of the income ladder stay there. Historically, programs have tried to disrupt this kind of generational poverty by either offering services to… Read more »

Foundation Sponsors Maine Public Series on Childcare

The John T. Gorman Foundation has sponsored Maine Public’s Deep Dive on Childcare–a comprehensive look at the troubles Maine families have in finding and affording care for their young children, the challenges teachers and providers are up against, and some strategies that are making headway. This infographic says a lot, but for all the details,… Read more »

Institute Strengthens 2-Gen Practices

Some of the most effective programs for ending the cycle of poverty are ones where the needs of parents and their children are addressed at the same time—what has become known as the 2-generation, or 2-gen, model. As part of its continued commitment to 2-gen programs in Maine, the John T. Gorman Foundation convened its… Read more »

Supporting Mental Health in Oxford County

Research on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) clearly outlines the connections between the traumatic experiences of poverty and poor educational, behavioral and physical health outcomes. This is true nationally and here in Maine. Oxford County is one illustration of these connections. It’s a community where 20% of children under 18 live in poverty (vs 16.7% statewide)… Read more »

Innovation and Replication: Pine Tree Legal’s Medical-Legal Partnership

As one of the Foundation’s core funding strategies, we look to replicate successful strategies with the potential to achieve greater scale and reach across the state. One example of this is the recent expansion of Pine Tree Legal’s medical-legal partnership into Portland. First started as a pilot program at Lewiston’s B-street clinic, the initiative aimed… Read more »

Convening Brings People Together Across the Spectrum to Support the Whole Family

As the Foundation gets smarter about the work we’re doing to help improve the lives of people in Maine, we’ve realized that it’s critically important to become more intentional about having a whole family, two-generation approach to both individual programs and overall systems change. This thinking is in line with that of many other states,… Read more »

Island Institute Galvanizes Rural Coastal Economy

For Maine’s rural island and coastal communities, fishing—especially lobstering —has been a way of life for as long as most can remember. But the shifting economy and the changing coastal ecosystem mean that the outlook for the industry is uncertain. As a result, many residents are seeking ways to stay on the water and support… Read more »