Winter 2021 Newsletter: Reflecting on a year of the COVID crisis, and looking ahead

Dear Friend, One year ago, COVID-19 was just starting to spread in other countries, triggering a dawning realization that a crisis was headed our way. Little did we know how quickly that crisis would arrive, the unthinkable toll it would take, and the many, many ways it would alter our everyday lives. Maybe, just maybe, we… Read more »

Two-Generation Funding Opportunity

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services recently posted its first Request for Proposals for Whole Family Services funding. Passed in the LIFT and STEP Bills during the last Legislature, this new annual funding is meant to support the kind of coordinated, wraparound supports for low-income families that are central to the two-generation approach.… Read more »

Key dates and details for the Maine Working Communities Challenge

The John T. Gorman Foundation is pleased to join the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, State of Maine, and numerous private partners in sponsoring the Maine Working Communities Challenge. The vision for this program is to advance local efforts that build strong, healthy economies and communities in Maine’s rural towns, regions, and smaller cities. Launched… Read more »

Fall 2020 Newsletter: Powerful Partnerships to Serve Mainers in Need

Dear Friend, Six months into a pandemic that has affected so many facets of our lives, it’s clear that many Mainers are experiencing challenges that may have seemed unimaginable this time last year. For folks and communities that were struggling even before COVID, these challenges can seem — and too often are — overwhelming. If… Read more »

Fall 2020 Foundation News of Note

Maine Working Communities Challenge: The John T. Gorman Foundation is proud to join the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, State of Maine, and other philanthropic partners in helping launch the Maine Working Communities Challenge. This challenge will make $2.7 million in grants available to drive economic growth while reducing inequity in Maine’s rural towns and… Read more »

Supporting Remote Learning in Portland and Lewiston

In its latest efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation is supporting efforts to help families through a school year unlike any other – with $235,000 in grants to supplement partners’ efforts to provide childcare and remote learning support in Lewiston, and for a two-generation initiative to strengthen literacy among English Language Learner families in Portland’s East Bayside Neighborhood.

Aligning Efforts to Address Elder Abuse in Maine

Seniors barricading themselves in their rooms, being coerced to sign over assets, or being evicted from their homes. Such are the all-too-common stories of elder abuse and financial exploitation in Maine. But, with support from the Foundation, a public-private partnership is now aligning efforts to coordinate priorities, strengthen response, and draw a roadmap for elder abuse’s steady decline in Maine.