Spring 2022 Newsletter: Meeting Challenges with Strength and Resilience

              Message from President & CEO Nicole Witherbee Dear Friend, Here in Maine, we’re always grateful for the arrival of summer and the warmth it brings. Yet, we are undeniably emerging from this winter and spring into challenging times, with uncertainty ahead. Amid this moment of change, however, there… Read more »

2021 Fall Newsletter: New Opportunities for Positive Impact

With Thanksgiving already around the corner, all of us at the John T. Gorman Foundation have much to be thankful for – not in spite of the challenges brought by this lingering pandemic but in light of them. COVID continues to make life difficult for low-income families and the organizations that serve them. But still, our communities persevere, and the Foundation’s partners continue to make important progress in improving the lives of Maine people.

Spring 2021 Newsletter: Reasons to be hopeful

Dear Friend, While spring always brings renewed hopefulness, this year certainly finds it in great measure – and not just because of the warm weather (though that hasn’t hurt either). Vaccinations have finally allowed us to safely reconnect with loved ones and resume pastimes we have dearly missed. And each Mainer who gets vaccinated brings us… Read more »

Winter 2021 Newsletter: Reflecting on a year of the COVID crisis, and looking ahead

Dear Friend, One year ago, COVID-19 was just starting to spread in other countries, triggering a dawning realization that a crisis was headed our way. Little did we know how quickly that crisis would arrive, the unthinkable toll it would take, and the many, many ways it would alter our everyday lives. Maybe, just maybe, we… Read more »

Fall 2020 Newsletter: Powerful Partnerships to Serve Mainers in Need

Dear Friend, Six months into a pandemic that has affected so many facets of our lives, it’s clear that many Mainers are experiencing challenges that may have seemed unimaginable this time last year. For folks and communities that were struggling even before COVID, these challenges can seem — and too often are — overwhelming. If… Read more »

Summer 2020 Newsletter: Prolonged Pandemic Brings New Challenges — and Responses

Dear Friend, To say the last few months have seen one crisis after another would fall short – for it implies that one crisis subsides before another emerges. Rather, it seems that every day there is ever more to demand our collective attention and action. Of course, there is COVID-19, the impacts of which continue to… Read more »