The John T. Gorman Fellowship Program

The John T. Gorman Foundation advances and invests in innovative ideas and opportunities that improve the lives of Maine’s most vulnerable people.

Within these priorities, the John T. Gorman Fellowship seeks to develop a strong cadre of leaders in public sector systems, non-profits, community-based service organizations and advocacy initiatives from across the state who are aligned with the Foundation’s priorities. Through the Fellowship, these leaders apply results-based leadership strategies in their work to measurably improve the lives of Maine people. Launched with its first cohort in 2015, the Fellowship equips participants to make a measurable difference in the lives of children and families by leveraging data, building cross-sector partnerships, developing individual strengths and organizational authority to initiate and execute a results action plan that is data-driven, collaborative, and reflective of best practices. Fellows learn and practice numerous leadership skills to impact systems change, learning from and with a community of peers. Seminars give fellows the opportunity to hear from and interact with national experts on topics related to the curriculum and content areas.

Fellowship Results

The John T Gorman Fellows make measurable improvements on the lives of Maine people in their current work. They strengthen outcomes through data, factor analyses and quality improvement processes; share support and experiences through a statewide network of fellows; and are positioned for increased their influence and responsibility in the future. By the end of the fellowship program, the Foundation expects that fellows will be able to:

  • Increase Individual Capacity: Fellows will make enhanced contributions, in their current role, by developing their capacity as a results leader;
  • Broaden Local Capacity: Fellows will work with local leaders, partners and stakeholders to develop a concrete process for building the capacity that sustains this results-work over the long-term;
  • Accelerate Progress: Fellows will accelerate progress towards meeting specific program and population-level targets; and,
  • Broaden Organizational Capacity: Fellows will engage their organization and the work of their organization in developing results leadership competencies and developing a results culture.

It is our belief that the skills and experience gained thorough participation in the John T. Gorman Fellowship will measurably increase and accelerate the Fellows ability to effect change in the lives of Maine’s most vulnerable people.

PLEASE NOTE: Fellows’ listed organizational titles and affiliations were held at the time of the Fellowship and may not reflect current positions.

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