Angela Atkinson Duina

(Former role) Director of Data, Research and Assessment

Portland Public Schools

In her role at Portland Public Schools, Angela provided leadership and support to the district and schools for planning, coordination, and implementation of research, evaluation, assessment and accountability priorities, with an emphasis on continuous improvement, informed decision-making and capacity-building.  Her aim was to ensure that stakeholders have reliable, valid and meaningful information that can be used to advance district-wide achievement, equity, whole student and people goals. Previously, she was the district’s School Improvement Coordinator, a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia, a researcher at the Center for Education Policy, Applied Research and Evaluation (CEPARE) at the University of Southern Maine, and a classroom teacher and Dean of the Faculty at Poland Regional High School. Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College, a Master in Education from Harvard University, and a Doctorate of Education from Boston University.

Since completing the Fellowship, Angela has gone on to become Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Southern Maine.