Elizabeth (Liz) Neptune

Liz Neptune

Senior Consultant

Wabanaki Aspirations

Liz is the president of her consulting service, Neptune Advantage,Inc., which provides technical assistance to Native American tribes and nonprofit organizations across the country. For more than 13 years, until 2005, Liz served as Director of Health and Human Services for the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Indian Township. In that role, she managed the development of health systems and the delivery of healthcare for the Indian Township community. As a consultant, she helps with program development, grant writing, facilitation, and more, primarily for projects related to health services. She also assists with social welfare projects in Washington County. Liz is currently assisting the Community Caring Collaborative with sustainability planning and in the design of a mentoring program for the county. In addition, she is leading Wabanaki Aspirations, an organization that helps tribes, tribal organizations and tribal members achieve their visions and goals to develop economic, educational and social success by building on their own knowledge and needs. In her work, she spends a significant portion of her time illuminating the inequities facing Native Americans and dispelling negative stereotypes. Liz hopes that advocacy and education will lead to changes that will improve the well-being of native people in Maine and across the country.