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Foundation Sponsors Maine Public Series on Childcare

June 28, 2019 – JTGF News & Updates

The John T. Gorman Foundation has sponsored Maine Public's Deep Dive on Childcare--a comprehensive look at the troubles Maine families have in finding and affording care for their young children, the challenges teachers and providers are up against, and some strategies that are making headway. This infographic says a lot, but for all the details, here's a rundown of the series: Out Of Reach: Maine's Child Care Affordability Problem Maine Calling: 'Deep Dive' Special…

John T. Gorman Foundation Gives 44 Grants to Support Mainers in All 16 Counties

June 26, 2019 – Press Releases

Grant funds will help state’s nonprofits meet vulnerable Mainers’ immediate needs Portland - The John T. Gorman Foundation is awarding $700,000 to 44 Maine nonprofits through its annual Direct Services Grant Program. Through this support, the Foundation will partner with organizations who are working to meet the immediate needs of Maine’s most vulnerable people. The Foundation’s funding is being awarded to a diverse group of organizations distributed throughout the state that offer essential services such…

Sun Journal: New grads for Lewiston Construction Skill Training Program

June 20, 2019 – Grantees in the News

The Lewiston Construction Skill Training Program--a Foundation-supported workforce initiative at Community Concepts--has five new graduates, bringing the total up to 20 people who have completed the program. Four of the latest graduates already have found jobs with local construction firms. Congratulations to these graduates. Read all the details about this innovative program at the Sun Journal. READ MORE >

Kennebec Journal: Grant to Maine General will help at-risk mothers bond with their infants

June 3, 2019 – Grantees in the News

The John T. Gorman Foundation has awarded a grant to Maine General to implement an innovative home coaching model in Maine designed to help at-risk mothers form deeper bonds with their infants. “A primary goal of the John T. Gorman Foundation is ensuring that more Maine children get a strong start in life—which begins with helping parents become the best caregivers they can be,” said John T. Gorman Foundation President and CEO Tony Cipollone. “Nationally…

Innovative model to help at-risk mothers and their infants comes to Maine

May 29, 2019 – JTGF News & Updates

The John T. Gorman Foundation has awarded a $130,000 grant to the MaineGeneral Medical Center’s Edmund N. Ervin Pediatric Center (EEPC) to implement an innovative model for helping at-risk mothers and their infants. Developing an early connection with a caregiver is one of the fundamentals things an infant needs for a healthy start to life. But that kind of strong connection can be more difficult to create for families dealing with substance use disorder, a…

Mapping the Benefits Cliff

May 10, 2019 – JTGF News & Updates

[This article was taken from the Foundation's Spring 2019 Newsletter] As the proverbial myth goes, the poor simply need to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” to get out of poverty. But all too often, when low-income families pull up one strap, the other just gets shorter. Take these stories from Downeast Maine. Wendy worries that working overtime will make her ineligible for the small amount of SNAP benefits she receives to help feed herself…

Spring 2019 Newsletter

April 24, 2019 – Newsletters

[Read the full newsletter here] I don’t remember the last time I had listened to the radio so intently. Through the speakers in my car last week came the voice of Mikayla, a young woman living in the youth shelter at New Beginnings in Lewiston. Since her father passed away, she has dealt with challenges well beyond her 18 years. She has tried unsuccessfully to find a home among family members, dropped out of community…

Foundation Grant Supports Maine Public Series on Youth Homelessness

April 20, 2019 – Grantees in the News, JTGF News & Updates

  As part of a Foundation grant to support reporting on older youth issue, Maine Public has produced and aired a weeklong series on youth homelessness. The five stories below, along with two Maine Callings, do a great job capturing the hard realities homeless youth face, the way Maine communities are working to help them, and the challenges that are still present. Thanks for tuning in. All “Finding a Way” series content funded under the…