The Forecaster: Moms in recovery get a hand with college prep, career planning

The Forecaster published a story about a partnership supported by the John T. Gorman Foundation to open educational pathways for mothers in substance use recovery at McAuley Residence. The Foundation admires the two-generation approach McAuley Residence to work with both parents and their children simultaneously.

“There’s a focus on both parents and children, supporting them simultaneously,” said Jennifer Beck, the foundation’s vice president of programs. “McAuley is rooted in this two-generation approach. It was really exciting to have them bring forth this interest in creating new educational pathways for the moms, and the kids, too.”

However, Skahan said the partnership with the JTG Foundation goes beyond funding.

“Not only have they been providing funding, but they’re also a wonderful ‘thought partner,’” Skahan said. “They help us understand what could be … try to understand and solve whatever the barriers are for vulnerable families to not only complete their education, but find stable, high-paying jobs.”

Go here to read the full story.

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