Symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder particularly high among young adults, adults of color, women with children, and essential workers

A new brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation explores the latest evidence of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic and recession has had on mental health and substance use. In January 2021, four-in-ten adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, compared to just one-in-ten pre-pandemic (January-June 2019). This share is larger among young adults (ages 18-24), more than half of whom reported symptoms of anxiety or depression during the pandemic (56 percent). Elevated rates of anxiety and depressive symptoms are also present for adults in households with job or income losses, women with children, adults of color, and essential workers. While 13 percent of adults reported starting or increasing substance use during the pandemic, the share was higher among young adults and essential workers (both at 25 percent). #covid-19 #mentalhealth #racialequity