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Apprenticeships are an overlooked solution for creating more access to quality jobs

One holistic solution to the Covid-19 recession is to implement multipronged solutions for a more inclusive recovery by adapting apprenticeships for today’s economy and making it a more integral part of our education and training ecosystem in order to increase access to quality jobs, especially for young people–a group that has suffered the greatest job losses in the current recession. Apprenticeships, which combine on-the-job and classroom training over several years, can help people get a foot in the door to the labor market while also increasing access to higher education. They also help meet employers’ needs for a workforce with applied, technical, and problem-solving skills. Many peer countries are farther along in pursuing such education reform that promotes ongoing learning for a fast-paced 21st century economy. Apprenticeships have a long history in the U.S., but they have yet to be widely adopted outside trades such as construction and utilities. Below, we examine the apprenticeship system in the U.S., review the key reasons for and elements of reform, and assess the extent to which a proposed update to the National Apprenticeship Act of 1937 makes progress toward a broader education reform effort. #workforce #covid-19