A pilot of the Parenting-STAIR intervention demonstrated promising outcomes for treating maternal PTSD

Parenting-STAIR (Skills Training in Affective and Interpersonal Regulation) is an
intervention that was designed to support maternal mental health, child well-being, and
parenting skills. This initial feasibility and impact study explored the program’s ability to
reduce maternal PTSD and increase positive parenting skills among child-welfareinvolved
families in New York City. A total of 111 mothers with PTSD started
treatment and 70 completed treatment. Almost all mothers identified as Black/African
American or Latina, were low income, and were unpartnered. Compared to their
baseline, post-tests showed a reduction in PTSD symptoms, depression symptoms,
parenting stress as well as improvement in parenting skills and child behavior. In fact, 78
percent of mothers completing the program no longer met PTSD criteria and 39
percent were in full remission.