RELEASE: Foundation Welcomes Two New Board Members

Portland – The John T. Gorman Foundation announced today that Rebecca Hatfield and JB Sullivan have joined its board of directors. Hatfield is President & CEO of Avesta Housing; Sullivan is Principal & CEO of Portland Global Advisors, LLC.

“The John T. Gorman Foundation is entering an exciting new phase, with a more intensive focus on the success of Maine children and their families,” said Foundation Board Chairman Shawn Gorman. “During this important time, we are thrilled to welcome Rebecca and JB to the Board of Directors. Both bring incredible expertise and experience to the Board and will be true assets in the Foundation’s continuing work to improve lives in Maine.”

Rebecca Hatfield

As the newly named President and Chief Executive Officer of Avesta Housing, Rebecca joined the organization in 2015, previously serving as the Senior Vice President of Real Estate, overseeing the real estate development, construction services, and property management divisions. Hatfield was named a Mainer of the Year in 2022 by Maine Magazine and a Woman to Watch in 2021 by Mainebiz magazine, and she is actively involved in the community beyond her role at Avesta. Rebecca serves on the boards of The Genesis Fund, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Camden National Corporation and Camden National Bank.


JB Sullivan

As a Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Portland Global Advisors, LLC, a wealth management firm based in Portland, Sullivan is responsible for client relationship management as well as specific client relationships, client asset allocation and the management of clients’ equity portfolios. Sullivan is a former Trustee of the Maine Community Foundation and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. He is a member of the Investment Committee of the Maine Community Foundation and has served on the John T. Gorman Foundation Investment Committee since September 2012.


The John T. Gorman Foundation is an independent foundation based in Portland, Maine, with a mission of advancing ideas and opportunities that can improve the lives of people in Maine. To achieve the greatest impact, the Foundation has a special interest in strengthening children and families and helping communities provide them with the supports and opportunities they need to thrive. This focus on strengthening children and families reflects the recognition of our founder Tom Gorman that his personal success and achievement were largely derived from the support provided to him by his family and community, as well as his desire to help those with fewer advantages and opportunities to succeed.

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