Foundation Grants $400,000 to Mercy Hospital for Workforce Development Initiative

Mercy’s +MPower Fund will increase access to education, training, and other supports to those who face systemic barriers to entering or advancing in the healthcare workforce.

The John T. Gorman Foundation has recently made a $400,000 challenge grant to Northern Light Mercy Hospital in support of a new fund to help those who face obstacles to entering or advancing in the healthcare workforce.

“Too often, new Mainers and others face systemic barriers that keep them from advancing in the workforce, despite their great potential and desire to do so,” said John T. Gorman Foundation President and CEO Tony Cipollone. “The John T. Gorman Foundation appreciates that Mercy Hospital is providing new opportunities and supports to enable new and incumbent workers to successfully pursue their career aspirations. We know it will make a positive difference for many workers, their families, and our communities.”

The hospital created the +MPower Fund to address the workforce opportunity gap – strengthening its skilled workforce while simultaneously supporting workers to improve their skills and financial well- being. Specifically, the fund will help workers along career pathways by enhancing access to education, training, and other supports with the assistance of Portland Adult Education, Southern Maine Community College, and other community partners.

“With the John T. Gorman Foundation’s help, we’re able to provide vital resources and training to help marginalized communities begin healthcare careers or advance in the workplace,” said Melissa Skahan, vice president of mission integration at Mercy Hospital.  “Together, we’re helping to close the opportunity gap for many in our community.”

In addition to contributing to the +MPower Fund, the John T. Gorman Foundation challenge grant will also leverage support for Mercy’s capital campaign. For every $100 raised for the campaign, the Foundation will contribute $20 to the +MPower program, up to a total of $400,000. Mercy’s capital campaign supports the hospital’s consolidation to its expanded Fore River Parkway campus which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


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