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Recognizing the systemic issues facing people of color

With important issues of race and inequality once again coming to the forefront, the John T. Gorman Foundation joins others in recognizing the systemic issues that people of color face, in Maine and across the country.

We see evidence of these issues in our work every day – whether it’s alarming childhood lead poisoning rates in Lewiston, the connections between race and education outcomes in our schools, or the over-representation of youth of color in the juvenile justice system.

In the Foundation’s efforts to improve the lives of disadvantaged Mainers, we cannot ignore the disproportionate struggles our neighbors of color face – nor should we. The Foundation remains committed to working with our partners and communities to address the systemic inequalities that underly these challenges. Every Mainer should be valued, safe, and empowered to succeed.

–John T. Gorman Foundation

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