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The John T. Gorman Foundation advances ideas and opportunities that can improve the lives of disadvantaged people in Maine.

To achieve the greatest impact, the Foundation has a special interest in strengthening families and helping communities provide them with the supports and opportunities they need to thrive. This focus on strengthening families reflects our founder, Tom Gorman's recognition that his personal success and achievement were largely derived from the support provided to him by his family and community, as well as his desire to provide those less fortunate with opportunities to succeed. [Read More]

Our History

Our History

John Thomas Gorman, Jr. (Tom) was born in 1930 to John T. Gorman and Barbara Bean Gorman. Tom grew up in Yarmouth, Maine, and died on February 10, 2010 within miles of his childhood home.

Tom maintained a humble presence in his community, rolling up his sleeves and pitching in quietly and without fanfare where he could to enhance civic life. [Read More]

Our Values

Our Values

Supporting our mission is a set of values that influence the decisions we make, the strategies we advance and the investments we pursue. These include our strong belief in the importance of collaboration and in data-driven decision making with a focus on results. We strive to promote best practices in our priority areas and build the capacity of organizations.  These principles are critical for advancing real change and making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children, youth, families and seniors in Maine. [Read More]

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