Transforming Mental Health Care in the United States

The U.S. mental health system has reached a moment when a historic transformation to address persistent problems appears realistic. These problems include high levels of unmet need for care, underdevelopment of community-based supports that can help avoid unnecessary emergency care or police engagement, and disparities in access and quality of services. In recent years, encouraging trends highlight the growing possibility of addressing these challenges: (1) Expanded access to coverage (3) New evidence-based treatments, and (4) Political consensus. Against this background, a RAND research team sought to identify goals for transforming the U.S. mental health care system and to pinpoint opportunities to drive systemic improvements. To develop these recommendations, the team interviewed mental health experts throughout the country—including government officials, public administrators, health system executives, and academicians. In parallel, the team conducted a comprehensive review of the scientific literature to identify best practices and recent innovations in mental health care. #covid-19 #mentalhealth

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