Rural counties with highest rates of new infections have meatpacking plants, prisons, and non-white populations

A recent piece from the Daily Yonder examines the rate of new COVID-19 infections in rural counties throughout the nation. The rural county with the highest new-infections rate is Buena Vista County, Iowa where a Tyson food processing plant is the epicenter. The article includes the 46 rural counties that had new-infection rates of over 1,000 new infections per 100,000 residents (or 1 percent) in the last 30 days. Of these 46 counties, 20 have determined their high number of new cases is due to outbreaks at meatpacking plants and five considered state or federal prisons to be the epicenter. The remaining hard-hit counties either had large proportions of African American, Native American, or Hispanic residents. #covid-19 #rural #racialequity

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