Research finds loneliness has stayed the same or decreased during social distancing

A new article from Scientific American summarizes several recent research studies on the level of loneliness before and during the pandemic. Though there had been concerns that people would feel lonelier and more isolated during quarantine, research shows that is not entirely the case. A study published in July in the American Psychologist surveyed U.S. adults in early 2020 before the pandemic, late March when the pandemic began to take hold in the U.S., and in late April. The researchers found that, on average, there were not significant changes in loneliness and that perceived social and emotional support had increased over these time periods. Another study that surveyed residents of 28 different countries found that loneliness had slightly decreased during social distancing. While further research is needed, these early studies optimistically suggest that people may be prioritizing connection and using technology to stay social. #covid-19 #mentalhealth

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