Parental support through home-visiting and care coordination teams persist in the pandemic

A story in USA Today highlights the strategies that home visiting and care coordination programs have undertaken to stay connected with participants in the pandemic and to ensure that families’ needs continue to be met. One program notes consistent outreach and communication with built-in screenings are key to identifying issues like maternal depression, which low-income mothers and mothers of color may be less likely to seek help for. In another example, Nurse-Family Partnership leveraged a partnership with Verizon to distribute nearly 4,000 iPhones with data plans to moms at no cost, to keep them connected to employment opportunities and services in the pandemic. Another program, HealthySteps, while connecting families with food and diapers reminds parents that well-child visits are still safe amid the pandemic, and encourages vaccinations. While providers and participants tout the successes of these programs, patchwork funding and reliance on annual federal allocations complicate the programs’ capacity to continue. #covid-19 #families

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