Identifying challenges and supports for working parents of school-aged children

An Urban Institute working paper summarizes the challenges working parents face in ensuring a safe learning setting for their school-aged children in fall. Specifically, partially or fully remote schooling comes as the pandemic has shrunk the supply of before- and after-school programming and traditional childcare slots, and reduced usual sources of back-up care (e.g., informal grandparent care) who may be jeopardized for health reasons. As such, parents are facing a major challenge. Care and supervision needs among school-aged children will be elevated by two-to-three times over usual levels, depending on the distance learning plan in place, and will require new efforts to address. The authors suggest focusing on priority populations (e.g., families at elevated risk of COVID19 or who are essential workers working outside the home) and encourage cross-sector support efforts. These efforts might include assessing family needs, connecting schools with caregivers for support, coordinating data collection, blending funding across sectors, and identifying ways to continue services for students. #covid-19 #childcare #education #workforce

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