Higher shares of job or income losses for low-income, Hispanic adults

The Urban Institute reports the results of their nationally representative survey of adults ages 18-64 conducted between March 25 and April 10, 2020. They found that 41.5 percent of nonelderly adults were in families where someone had lost a job, work hours, or work-related income due to the coronavirus pandemic. When these data were stratified by family income and race/ethnicity, authors found that shares of adults 18-64 whose families suffered job or income losses were especially high for those who are low-income (at 51.1 percent) and for those identifying as Hispanic (at 56.9 percent). Additionally, one-third of adults 18-64 reported that they experienced serious material hardships such as not being able to pay rent, mortgage, or utility bills; food insecurity; or forgoing medical care due to cost in the last 30 days. #covid-19 #workforce #foodsecurity

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