Employment Crisis Demands Proven Strategies Like Subsidized Jobs

In this article, CLASP argues that subsidized and transitional jobs programs are a proven strategy to help workers and families tackle the job crisis head on. The ongoing health and economic crises have revealed some stark truths. First, workers of color, immigrants, young people, women, workers in jobs paying low wages, and frontline workers are among the hardest hit by these crises. Second, and worse still, significant job losses and reductions in income have deepened racial inequities and exacerbated poverty and economic hardship for millions. With unemployment slated to exceed pre-pandemic levels for the next decade, the nation is desperate for Congressional intervention to alleviate the economic, social, and psychological burden of long-term unemployment. As we near the one-year anniversary of the first stay-at-home order, millions of workers are still in economic limbo. #covid-19 #racialequity #workforce

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