Employed single mothers in single-adult households struggle with simultaneously working remotely and caring for children

New research in the Journal of Family Issues explores how single mothers are navigating work and parenthood during the pandemic. It is important to note that the online survey (conducted June 1-30, 2020) yielded a non-representative sample of women mostly from the U.S. and Canada, of which 86 percent were white and the majority had at least a bachelors’ degree. The majority (83.7 percent) of respondents were employed before the pandemic, and 16 percent experienced some COVID-related employment change. Single mothers in single-adult households were more likely to report reduced work productivity and a desire for reduced hours than their counterparts who lived with at least one other adult (most often, their parents or other relatives). The authors conclude this gap is due to the additional child care supports available to mothers in multi-adult households. #covid-19 #childcare

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