A new national effort to promote school integration is underway. More than two dozen school districts want in.

The effort, known as the Bridges Collaborative, spans 20 states and includes the New York City, Los Angeles, Miami-Dade, Dallas, Fort Worth, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Oakland school districts, as well as charter school networks and housing organizations. Some members, like the Howard and Montgomery county school districts in Maryland, have recently attempted to make schools more racially and economically balanced, prompting local debate and pushback. Other participating school districts have long histories of working to desegregate schools. Over the next two years, they’ve pledged to work together to find successful ways to integrate schools and to build momentum for the effort — a notable show of support for a movement that’s attracted increased attention in recent years, as the country attempts to grapple with its history of racism and segregated schools. #education #racialequity

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