Public preschool in Boston associated with increased educational attainment, decreasedv negative student behavior outcomes

The School Effectiveness & Inequality Initiative (SEII) at MIT recently published a discussion paper assessing the long-term effects of the universal public preschool program in Boston. The study leveraged the randomized preschool lottery process to explore both the short- and long-term impacts of attending a public preschool on student outcomes, comparing those who attended with… Read more »

Limiting juvenile probation terms is more efficient, equitable, and reduces harm

An Urban Institute report on juvenile probation synthesizes existing research and proposes restructuring probation to shorten terms for youth. Authors cite three central reasons for limiting probation lengths, including minimizing harm to youth by reducing justice system involvement, deploying both justice system and community-based resources more efficiently, and promoting racial equity by improving access to… Read more »

Juvenile detention centers more likely to reduce white detainees in response to COVID, exacerbating racial gaps in youth detention

The Marshall Project reports on a new survey from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which collected data across 30 states and found that by May 2020, youth detention centers were releasing white youths at higher rates than their Black counterparts. As a result, racial gaps in youth detention have widened, even though teens—including teens of… Read more »