Building an Equitable Recovery Requires Investing in Children, Supporting Workers, and Expanding Health Coverage

The pandemic and its economic fallout have exposed glaring weaknesses in our nation’s economy that leave millions of people unprotected in bad economic times and prevent them from fully benefiting from a strong economy in good times. The recovery legislation that policymakers will consider later this year provides a historic opportunity to build toward an… Read more »

House COVID Relief Bill Includes Critical Expansions of Child Tax Credit and EITC

Two key tax credit provisions in the COVID relief legislation that the House passed February 27 would provide significant help to those on the fault lines of some of the pandemic’s worst economic effects. People who have lower incomes, are Black or Latino, have less than a college education, or work in face-to-face service occupations… Read more »

Institute for Women’s Policy Research asks women about their concerns and priorities

A February 2021 survey conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research asked women to identify their top policy priorities on which Congress and the Biden Administration should focus. Across the 1,452 survey respondents, healthcare was the top policy priority. Rounding out the top five priorities are: the economic recession, unemployment, racial justice or inequality,… Read more »

2021 Poverty Projections: One in Seven Americans Are Projected to Have Resources below the Poverty Level in 2021

As Congress considers President Biden’s proposal to provide additional support to families and stimulate the economy, it is important to understand the extent of need American families may be facing in the coming year.  Urban Institute projects an overall 2021 poverty rate of 13.7 percent, meaning that about one in seven Americans may have annual… Read more »

Three ways the Biden administration can promote economic security for Black Americans

Brookings argues that now is the right moment for the Biden Administration to promote a mix of race-conscious and race-neutral reforms that set the stage for a more equitable economy. First, they should directly address the labor market’s well-documented racial discrimination by strengthening the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The administration should also act to broadly… Read more »

Municipalities will be reimbursed by the federal government for pandemic expenses

Municipalities have been hit hard by pandemic-related expenditures such as necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, medical equipment, increased operations costs, and other crucial services. Over the summer of 2020, cities and towns had been notified that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would not reimburse COVID-19-related purchases, creating significant budget concerns. For example,… Read more »

New Hampshire investment firm creates Anti-Bias Fund to support diverse entrepreneurs

Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Alumni Venture Group (AVG) announced the launch of an Anti-Bias Fund. The goal of the fund is to deploy capital to diverse entrepreneurs and teams to address systemic biases. AVG staff recognize that the venture capital industry is hard to break into and also remains among the least diverse… Read more »