We believe that successfully improving results associated with our strategic priorities requires a diverse range of investments. Given this, the bulk of our giving is invitation only, aligned with our core funding strategies: place-based initiativestwo-generation solutionssystems reform support and innovation and replication.

Below please find a database of our past grants.

Date Organization Priority Area Award Description Location
2020Good Shepherd Food BankOlder Youth, Young Children, Families, Seniors$300,000Two year grant to support innovative data- and community-driven strategies to improve access to nutritious food for all food-insecure Mainers.Auburn, ME
2020Legal Services For The ElderlySeniors$78,000To support the Elder Justice Coordinating Partnership and to develop an Elder Justice Roadmap that will identify challenges to the prevention of, detection of, and response to elder abuse and develop strategic priorities across the public and private sectors to address those challenges.Augusta, ME
2020Pine Tree Legal AssistanceOlder Youth, Young Children, Families, Seniors$250,000To advance the Medical-Legal Lead Hazard Partnership, which works to proactively reduce lead hazards and address issues arising from lead poisoning in Lewiston and Greater Portland.Portland, ME
2020State of Maine, Department of Agriculture, Conservation and ForestryOlder Youth, Young Children, Families, Seniors$75,000To support the creation of a comprehensive roadmap for ending hunger in Maine, to include shared metrics, benchmarks, and timelines that work toward a hunger-free future.Augusta, ME
2020University System Of New Hampshire, Carsey School of Public PolicyYoung Children, Families, Seniors$25,000To support a data-research partnership, to include on-request data support and regular memos summarizing new policy and academic research related to the Foundation’s populations of interest.Durham, ME
2019Bluehub CapitalOlder Youth, Young Children, Families, Seniors$300,000Three year grant to support the Working Communities Challenge, an effort to strengthen Maine communities' local leadership capacity by advancing cross-sector collaboration through multi-year grant awards.Boston, MA
2019Community ConceptsOlder Youth, Young Children, Families, Seniors$150,000To support work aligned with the HUD CHOICE grant.Lewiston, ME
2018Bath Housing Development CorporationSeniors$40,000Two year grant to support the Comfortably Home program, which increases housing stability of low-income, elderly homeowners by increasing safety, minimizing maintenance burden, and lengthening tenure in their own homes.Bath, ME
2018Community ConceptsOlder Youth, Young Children, Families, Seniors$42,000To support organizational participation in Healthy Neighborhoods, the CHOICE Neighborhood Grant, and to implement their Strategic Growth Plan.Lewiston, ME
2018Legal Services for the ElderlySeniors$100,000Two year grant to provide funds for the Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Program.Augusta, ME
2018Maine Association of Area Agencies on AgingSeniors$300,000Two year grant to support five Meals On Wheels programs and the EZ Fix home repair program.Augusta, ME
2018Maine Community Action AssociationSeniors$160,000Two year grant to support Maine seniors' ability to age-in-place through home repairs, weatherization services, and home modifications based on mobility issues.East Wilton, ME
2018Maine Community Action AssociationSeniors$240,000Two year grant to support six transportation programs serving Maine seniors in under-served areas.East Wilton, ME
2018The University of Maine SystemSeniors$60,000Two year grant to identify and match seniors needing support with volunteers who will provide weekly visits, occasional necessary transportation, and information on resources and programs that support independent living.Orono, ME
2018Western Maine Community ActionOlder Youth, Young Children, Families, Seniors$50,000To provide support to Healthy Neighborhoods for their work in Lewiston's Tree Street Neighborhood as related to the CHOICE federal Housing and Urban Development grant.East Wilton, ME
2016AARP FoundationSeniors$100,000A two year grant to support AARP Maine's engagement of local organizations and citizens over the age of 50, and to create additional infrastructure to support localities investing in preparing for aging residents.Washington, DC
2016Avesta Housing Development CorporationYoung Children, Families, Seniors$32,000For the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition to support outreach and education work on lead poisoning prevention and affordable senior housing, as well as an update to senior housing research.Portland, ME
2016Bath Housing Development CorporationSeniors$25,000To provide comprehensive technical assistance services to four Maine Public Housing Authorities as they replicate Bath Housing’s Community Aging in Place Program.Bath, ME
2016Bath Housing Development CorporationSeniors$40,000A two year grant for the Community Aging in Place program to increase the housing stability of low-income, elderly homeowners in the greater Bath, Maine region by increasing safety, minimizing the maintenance burden, and lengthening tenure in their own homes.Bath, ME
2016Maine Association of Area Agencies on AgingSeniors$300,000A two year grant to help Maine’s five area agencies on aging meet the growing demand by older adults for access to food and home repair services.Augusta, ME
2016Maine Community Action AssociationSeniors$240,000A two year grant to support six programs (Community Concepts, KVCAP, Penquis, Waldo CAP, Washington Hancock CAP and York County Cap) that provide transportation for seniors in underserved areas.E. Wilton, ME
2016Maine Community Action AssociationSeniors$160,000A two year grant for repairs to homes of senior Maine residents.E. Wilton, ME
2016The University of Maine SystemSeniors$60,000A two-year grant to expand the capacity of staff to identify and accommodate the needs of the disabled aging population in the region.Bangor, ME
2016York County Community Action CorporationYoung Children, Seniors$60,000For a feasibility study on establishing an intergenerational day care center that would combine childcare and adult day services at one location.Sanford, ME
2015AARP FoundationSeniors$154,000To support AARP Maine's work with communities and nonprofit organizations creating age friendly communities.Washington, DC
2015Bath Housing Development CorporationSeniors$156,375To support the Community Aging in Place Program to increase housing stability for low-income, disabled and elderly homeowners.Bath, ME
2015Maine Association of Area Agencies on AgingSeniors$35,000Two year grant to support the creation of a Tri-State Learning Collaborative on Aging for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.Augusta, ME
2015Portland Public LibrarySeniors$8,000To launch a series of book discussions on the national bestselling book Being Mortal, which deals with end-of-life issues.Portland, ME
2015Washington Hancock Community AgencySeniors$61,000To support the At Home Downeast program.Ellsworth, ME
2014AARP FoundationSeniors$75,000To provide technical assistance to Maine communities that are planning for the needs of Maine’s aging population.Washington, DC
2014Avesta Housing Development CorporationSeniors$31,500To research the availability, quality and affordability of housing for Maine’s seniors and assess senior housing needs in the coming years.Portland, ME
2014Legal Services for the ElderlySeniors$539,000Three year grant to support a statewide public awareness and education campaign focused on elder maltreatment, and to ensure that all victims who contact LSE for services receive the help that they need.Augusta, ME
2014Maine Hospice CouncilSeniors$20,250To provide funding to sustain the ongoing work of the program.Augusta, ME
2014University System of New Hampshire - Carsey School of Public PolicySeniors$50,300To produce a data report about the well-being of Maine’s seniors.Durham, NH
2014Western Maine Community ActionSeniors$95,000Two year grant to support a federal match for the Keeping Seniors Home program and to develop a long-term sustainability plan.East Wilton, ME
2013Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association - Maine ChapterSeniors$25,000To provide outreach to physicians, health centers, and community centers statewide and connect with newly diagnosed patients and their families dealing with all stages of Alzheimer's disease or other dementia.Scarborough, ME
2013Central Maine Area Agency on AgingSeniors$76,000To support the development of a community healthcare delivery model that provides integrated medical and social services support to high risk seniors in Lincoln County.Augusta, ME
2013Eastern Area Agency on AgingSeniors$100,000To support the expansion of the EZ Fix program, a year round home repair and independent living program for low-income Maine senior citizens and adults with disabilities.Bangor, ME
2013Legal Services for the ElderlySeniors$75,000To provide support for the creation of a handbook and media campaign to help low-income seniors become more aware of financial exploitation.Augusta, ME
2013Maine Association of Area Agencies on AgingSeniors$27,000To support Maine Council on Aging’s efforts to begin the coordination of round table discussions on Aging in Maine.Augusta, ME
2013Maine Association of Area Agencies on AgingSeniors$265,000To expand the Money Minders program and for training community health workers to help Maine seniors age in place.Augusta, ME
2013Pen Bay Healthcare FoundationSeniors$35,000To support the construction of a seven-bed Hospice House in Rockland on the Pen Bay Medical Center campus.Rockland, ME
2013Southern Maine Agency on AgingSeniors$160,000To support programming and training for the staff of two new Adult Day Centers in Falmouth and Biddeford.Scarborough, ME
2013The University of Maine SystemSeniors$39,000To provide services to homebound seniors living in isolated areas and increase travel reimbursement rates for all companion volunteers.Orono, ME
2013Western Maine Community ActionSeniors$67,000To support the the Keeping Seniors Home Program, which helps Maine seniors age in place.East Wilton, ME
2012Maine Association of Area Agencies on AgingSeniors$100,000To support planning and development work that promotes the safety, independence and well-being of older adults in Maine, especially those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.Augusta, ME
2012The Iris NetworkSeniors$50,000To support the needs of visually impaired Maine seniors living independently at home.Portland, ME
2012University System of New Hampshire - Carsey School of Public PolicyYoung Children, Older Youth, Seniors, Families$80,045To support research on low-income children, disconnected youth, single parents, and seniors.Durham, NH