We are pleased to announce that our 2021 Direct Services Grant Program (DSGP) is now open!

In response to feedback from current DSGP grantees, and in consideration of the increased economic stress low-income Mainers are facing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s application period will be shortened from six to four weeks, closing at 5:00 PM on Monday, March 1st. We will also be shortening our review timeframe to ensure award decisions are made by mid-April, with the sending of grant checks to immediately follow. The Foundation has allocated $1 million to the Direct Services Grant Program budget this year.

As in prior years, the 2021 Direct Services Grant Program is open to non-profit organizations who are working to provide quality supports and services that address the immediate basic needs of economically disadvantaged people in Maine (e.g.: food, shelter, clothing, physical and mental health, transportation, etc.).

The Direct Services Grant Program provides both program/project funding and general operating support. The Foundation will only consider programmatic requests that support the direct provision of client services versus support for organizational infrastructure needs (e.g.: database creation, strategic planning, staff training, organizational evaluation, etc.). Applicant organizations applying for general operating support must have a mission that includes helping low-income Maine residents and a successful track record of providing direct services to address clients’ immediate basic needs.

The Foundation will consider grant requests of up to $25,000 from a broad spectrum of non-profit organizations that provide direct services under existing programs over a 12-month period. Applicant organizations may submit only one request for DSGP funding per year.



  • Before starting an application via the link below, please print (or open in a separate tab) and carefully review the 2021 DSGP Eligibility Criteria and Application Instructions.
  • We’ve also created a List of Narrative Application Questions for applicants who prefer to have this information on hand before beginning an application.
  • Please save your work often by clicking the “Save and Next” button at the bottom of each page. Web applications CAN and DO time out after a period of non-use. We also encourage applicants to cut and paste their narrative responses from a word processing application (Word, Google Docs, etc.) to ensure work isn’t lost should there be an internet connectivity glitch.



For one-time access to start a NEW DSGP application, please click here.

  • If you already have a John T. Gorman Foundation applicant account, please log in using your established email address and password.
  • If you are a first-time applicant, please use the “New Applicant” link located below the email address field to create an account.

Once you have created your application via the link above, please use this link to access your in-process or submitted applications for all subsequent visits.


The John T. Gorman Foundation encourages applicants to contact our staff with any questions they may have as they apply for DSGP funding:

To ask questions about organization eligibility or to discuss your planned funding proposal (to include if you should apply for programmatic or general operating support), connect with Lauralee Raymond, Program Associate. Set up a 15-minute call. Send an email.

To ask technical questions about applying (to include webform or application portal support), connect with Erin Clark, Grant Manager. Set up a 15-minute call. Send an email.