Priority Area


Helping parents provide and care for their families is crucial to our state’s success.


Families are the cornerstones of communities. Within healthy families, children learn how to be productive members of our society, helping to ensure a positive future for our state. We know that kids do well when their families do well, and families do better when they live in supportive and strong neighborhoods and communities.

But many Maine parents don’t have the kind of jobs that help them provide for themselves, their children or their aging parents, because they lack the training or education needed to secure such jobs or the resources needed to keep them.

The John T. Gorman Foundation believes that helping parents provide and care for their families is crucial to our state’s success.

All parents believe that their sacrifices will achieve a better life for their families. But even with hard work, far too many parents still encounter serious obstacles that keep them and their kids from getting ahead.

Our Approach

The Foundation partners with communities, advocates and leaders in the nonprofit, public and private sectors to:

  • Promote two-generation strategies that seek to address the needs of children and adults in the same family simultaneously;
  • Increase access to job training and education;
  • Improve the delivery of supports that can help parents and their families succeed, like high quality child care;
  • Expand access to programs that help parents increase savings, plan for their future and better care for their families; and,
  • Work to promote strategies that bundle together a number of supports that families need so that parents are in a better position to raise strong, healthy and thriving children and overcome personal or financial setbacks.