County Profile


Somerset County is the 3rd largest county in the State of Maine, with the 9th largest population. Located in the north-central part of the state and sharing a border with Canada, 96% of the county is covered by forest.


Somerset County at a Glance:

  • 29.5% of children under 18 live in poverty.**
  • 37.1% of children in Somerset County receive SNAP benefits, 69.5% of school-aged children are eligible for subsidized school meals.**
  • 26.2% of children are living with food insecurity.**
  • The infant mortality rate in Somerset County is 7.8 per 1,000.**
  • 6.3 per every 1,000 children in Somerset County are in DHHS custody.**
  • 9.6% of children in Somerset County participate in MaineCare.**
  • 47.5% of people in Somerset County are not currently in the workforce.*
  • 20% of the population is under the age of 18.*
  • 41.8% of the population achieved a high school degree; 8% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.*
  • The high school graduation rate for Somerset County is 87.8%.**
*Source: American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, 2012-2016
**Source: Maine Kids Count 

Grants Awarded in this Region

Date Organization Award Description Location
2022Bridging the Gap - Emmanuel Lutheran Episcopal Church$15,000To provide general operating support for the Bridging the Gap program.Augusta, ME
2022Common Unity Place$8,500To provide general operating support.Skowhegan, ME
2022Family Violence Project$25,000To support the Emergency Stabilization Program, which provides secure emergency housing, food, and transportation to those going through domestic abuse, stalking, or human trafficking situations.Augusta, ME
2022KVCC Foundation$15,000To support the KVCC Food Pantry's shift from stocking mostly dry goods to offering perishable fresh produce, meat, and dairy items and to fund a part-time, one year food pantry coordinator to grow the capacity of the program.Fairfield, ME
2022MaineGeneral Medical Center$25,000To support the basic needs of Addiction Medicine Practice's patients by providing emergency food bags, transportation vouchers, hygiene products, and treatment resources.Augusta, ME
2021Emmanuel Lutheran Episcopal Church, Bridging the Gap$15,000To provide general operating support.Augusta, ME
2021Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter$10,000To provide general operating support.Waterville, ME
2021MSAD 54, Somerset Career and Technical Center$15,000To support the food pantry, food box, and back pack programs of the MSAD 54 school district.Skowhegan, ME
2021Somerset Career and Technical Center$25,000To increase access to youth and adolescent mental health, wellness, and community supports during the COVID-19 pandemic.Skowhegan, ME
2021Somerset Career and Technical Center$30,000To support the Somerset County Youth Task Force, which will bring together young people to engage with issues relevant to their lives and identify priorities, recommendations, and action steps for change.Skowhegan, ME
2020Kennebec Valley Community Action Program$40,000To support efforts to reduce family stress, isolation and child abuse through socially-distanced visits to at-risk families during the COVID-19 pandemic.Waterville, ME
2020MaineGeneral Medical Center$25,000To provide vulnerable patients in central Maine with emergency food bags, meal vouchers, transportation vouchers, and materials that share available community resources.Augusta, ME
2020MaineGeneral Medical Center$75,000To support in-home parent coaching using the Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up Model.Augusta, ME
2019Kennebec Mental Health Association$25,000To support the Homes and Community-Based Treatment Program, which provides intensive, in-home, team-based therapy for children and their families who are experiencing difficulties beyond the scope of regular outpatient counseling.Waterville, ME
2019KVCC Foundation$95,000To support a dedicated Two-Generation Student Navigator, who will connect economically disadvantaged KVCC student parents to wraparound supports to ensure degree completion.Fairfield, ME
2019MaineGeneral Medical Center$130,000To support the provision of home-based parent coaching services through the modified Attachment and Biobehavorial Catch-up model to at-risk mothers in the Kennebec Valley Region.Augusta, ME
2019MSAD 54$60,000To support the Somerset Youth Collaborative, which works to provide alternate paths to graduation for Skowhegan area youth and improves school culture to be trauma-informed, so students feel valued and prepared to succeed.Skowhegan, ME
2019Northern Light Inland Hospital$25,000To support on-site food, food security resources, and transportation vouchers for primary care patients at Northern Light Inland Hospital who are screened and identified as in need of additional supports.Bangor, ME
2018Educate Maine$100,000To support the fourth year of Elevate Somerset's effort to replicate Educare Central Maine's birth-to-kindergarten multi-generational model.Portland, ME
2018Kennebec Valley Community Action Program$12,906To provide matching funds for KVCAP's Low Income Heating Assistance Program.Waterville, ME
2018MSAD 54$14,850To support a community collaborative in developing a two-year action plan to improve youth outcomes in the Skowhegan region.Skowhegan, ME
2017Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area$15,000To provide support for hospice patients and their families.Waterville, ME
2017Kennebec Mental Health Association$25,000To provide support for the Homeless Youth Outreach Program, to ensure youth's basic needs are met, that they have access to mainstream resources, and that they achieve safe, stable housing.Waterville, ME
2017Pine Tree Hospice$10,000For general operating support.Dover-Foxcroft, ME
2016Kennebec Mental Health Association$25,000To provide support to youth in Central Maine who are experiencing homelessness.Waterville, ME
2016Kennebec Valley Community Action Program$15,000To provide transportation services to individuals and families affected by cancer.Waterville, ME
2016Muskie School of Public Service$50,000To support Maine LEAP, a coordinated delivery of two evidence based programs to improve education and career outcomes for youth in foster care.Portland, ME
2016Muskie School of Public Service$65,000To support an enhanced level of coordination and organization among all service providers who work with youth in foster care.Portland, ME
2016Pine Tree Hospice$15,000To assist clients and families experiencing end-of-life challenges and bereavement.Dover-Foxcroft, ME
2015Educate Maine$147,000To act as the fiscal sponsor for the Maine Early Learning Investment Group early care and education pilot in Somerset County.Portland, ME
2015Kennebec Valley Community Action Program$20,000To provide transportation services to individuals and families affected by cancer.Waterville, ME
2015MaineGeneral Medical Center$25,000To provide support for developing one point-of-entry for patients seeking a potential oncology referral.Augusta, ME
2015Pine Tree Hospice$15,000To provide operating support to assist clients and families experiencing end-of-life challenges and bereavement.Dover-Foxcroft, ME
2014East Parish Housing Ministry$5,000To provide support for general improvements to homes with substandard conditions.Starks, ME
2014Pine Tree Hospice$15,000To provide operating support to assist clients and families experiencing the challenges and needs that accompany end of life and bereavement.Dover-Foxcroft, ME
2013Central Maine Area Agency on Aging$25,000To provide direct services to low income seniors and their family caregivers to help them remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.Augusta, ME
2013Coastal Enterprises, Inc.$600,000A three year grant to develop the organizational infrastructure required to best deploy capital to vulnerable populations in Lewiston, Portland, Machias, and Skowhegan.Brunswick, ME
2013Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County$5,000To research and install an efficient, consistent, measurable training course for volunteers throughout the county.Skowhegan, ME
2013Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area$15,000To improve quality of life for isolated senior citizens in rural communities who are in need of hospice and grief services.Waterville, ME
2013Kennebec Mental Health Association$20,000To support general operations of Kennebec Behavioral Health to serve low-income clients with mental illness.Waterville, ME
2013Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency$12,500To pilot a multidisciplinary model that will improve the lives of older patients who suffer from Mild Cognitive Impairment and decrease patient isolation and caregiver burden.Augusta, ME
2013Pine Tree Hospice$14,250To provide general operating support to continue their mission of assisting clients and families experiencing the challenges accompanying end of life and bereavement.Dover-Foxcroft, ME
2013Volunteers of America Northern New England$20,000To support the Options At Home Program to expand affordable personal care services for low to moderate income seniors in Southern, Mid-Coast, and Central Maine.Brunswick, ME
2012East Parish Housing Ministry$5,000To support general improvements to homes with substandard conditions.Starks, ME