County Profile


Geographically speaking, Sagadahoc is the smallest of Maine’s counties. Home to the city of Bath, Sagadahoc is known for its shipbuilding, from the ships of the 19th century, to Bath Iron Works of today. Sagadahoc is home to Bowdoin College.


Sagadahoc County at a Glance:

  • 17.2% of children under 18 live in poverty.**
  • 20.5% of children in Sagadahoc County receive SNAP benefits, 39% of school-aged children are eligible for subsidized school meals.**
  • 21.8% of children are living with food insecurity.**
  • The infant mortality rate in Sagadahoc County is 6 per 1,000.**
  • 4.5 per every 1,000 children in Sagadahoc County are in DHHS custody.**
  • 41.4% of children in Sagadahoc County participate in MaineCare.**
  • 37.8% of people in Sagadahoc County are not currently in the workforce.*
  • 19.4% of the population is under the age of 18.*
  • 30,8% of the population achieved a high school degree; 11.7% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.*
  • The high school graduation rate for Sagadahoc County is 84.5%.**
*Source: American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, 2012-2016
**Source: Maine Kids Count 

Grants Awarded in this Region

Date Organization Award Description Location
2021Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$15,000To provide general operating support.Brunswick, ME
2021Midcoast Community Alliance$20,000To support outreach to at-risk, homeless and/or unaccompanied youth, who are demonstrating an increase in needs, and complexity of needs, as a result of COVID-19.Bath, ME
2021Tedford Housing$20,000To provide general operating support.Brunswick, ME
2020Catholic Charities Maine$25,000To support Cooking for Community, which pays local restaurants to cook easy-to-reheat meals using primarily locally sourced ingredients that are then distributed to food-insecure Mainers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.Portland, ME
2020Family Focus$2,500To support a strategic planning process, which will include recommendations on how to best provide childcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic.Brunswick, ME
2020Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$20,000To provide general operating support, which will will help sustain eight food programs and enable the rescue of an additional 100,000 pounds of food from new suppliers.Brunswick, ME
2020Midcoast Community Alliance$10,000To support critical outreach services for at-risk, homeless and/or unaccompanied youth in Sagadahoc County, Brunswick and Harpswell.Bath, ME
2020Tedford Housing$25,000To provide general operating support to address the basic needs of vulnerable populations that are under additional strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Brunswick, ME
2020The Gathering Place$5,000To support an emergency overnight shelter in Brunswick that is open to homeless and housing insecure people when temperatures are dangerously low.Brunswick, ME
2019Amistad$15,000To provide general operating support.Portland, ME
2019Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$15,000To support general operating costs associated with programs offered to low-income food-insecure Mainers in the midcoast area.Brunswick, ME
2019Tedford Housing$15,000To provide general operating support.Brunswick, ME
2018Bath Housing Development Corporation$40,000Two year grant to support the Comfortably Home program, which increases housing stability of low-income, elderly homeowners by increasing safety, minimizing maintenance burden, and lengthening tenure in their own homes.Bath, ME
2018Maine School Administrative District 75$4,300To provide funds to defray insurance co-payment expenses for low-income students accessing mental health counseling at the School-Based Health Center at Mt. Ararat High School.Topsham, ME
2018Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast$19,500To support, and to leverage a Department of Corrections investment in, a Lewiston-based Youth Court Early Intervention and Equal Opportunity Diversion program.Belfast, ME
2018Tedford Housing$15,000To provide general operating support for the provision of case management services to homeless children and their families.Brunswick, ME
2017Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$10,000For general operating support.Brunswick, ME
2017Tedford Housing$15,000For general operating support.Brunswick, ME
2016Bath Housing Development Corporation$40,000A two year grant for the Community Aging in Place program to increase the housing stability of low-income, elderly homeowners in the greater Bath, Maine region by increasing safety, minimizing the maintenance burden, and lengthening tenure in their own homes.Bath, ME
2016Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$15,000To support programs that provide food to low- income families.Brunswick, ME
2016Oasis Free Clinics$20,000To provide more free mental health services.Brunswick, ME
2016Tedford Housing$15,000To provide mental health services for clients at the Cumberland Street Emergency Housing Shelter.Brunswick, ME
2016The Gathering Place$5,000To provide general operating support for the only daytime shelter for the poor and homeless in the Midcoast Region.Brunswick, ME
2015Bath Housing Development Corporation$156,375To support the Community Aging in Place Program to increase housing stability for low-income, disabled and elderly homeowners.Bath, ME
2015Educate Maine$198,000Two year grant to serve as the fiscal sponsor for Count Me In, an initiative focused on partnering with school districts and communities to decrease chronic absenteeism by implementing evidence-based practices.Portland, ME
2015Maine School Administrative District 75$7,500To provide funding for mental health counseling at the school's health center.Topsham, ME
2015MCH, Inc.$25,000To provide funding for the Meals on Wheels program in Knox County, and to provide food for low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities who live in the Methodist Conference Home.Rockland, ME
2015Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$20,000To support programs that provide food to low-income families.Brunswick, ME
2015Seeds of Independence$75,000To support progress towards building a sustainable program model and towards enhancing collaboration with partners.Brunswick, ME
2014Catholic Charities Maine$15,000To provide funding to support program services and volunteers to isolated seniors so they can remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.Portland, ME
2014Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$15,000To provide operating support for programs that provide food to low-income families.Brunswick, ME
2014Midcoast Maine Community Action$15,000To provide funding to support families and individuals with emergency needs and complete accessibility repairs to enable the elderly to remain at home.Bath, ME
2014Seeds of Independence$150,000To support disadvantaged youth by enhancing Seeds’ volunteer-based programs, enhance measurement criteria and data collection to assess impact and strengthen programs, and expand efforts to develop collaborations.Brunswick, ME
2014Sweetser$20,000To provide one-time support for increased staff time to serve adults experiencing serious mental illness who are in need of more intensive care.Saco, ME
2014Tedford Housing$20,000To provide funding for residential support services to adults in the emergency housing shelter.Brunswick, ME
2013Catholic Charities Maine$25,000To provide support services and volunteers to isolated seniors so they can remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.Portland, ME
2013Easter Seals Maine$25,000To provide Early Intervention services such as preventative physical, occupational, speech, and language therapies to disadvantaged children from birth to age 5 with disabilities, special needs, and various mental illnesses.Portland, ME
2013Maine School Administrative District 75$39,000To support mental health services available to high school students with limited or no health insurance.Topsham, ME
2013Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast$105,000To support restorative community conferences and mentoring services for youth ages 10 to 25 in court proceedings; and to increase community awareness and engagement in restorative justice practices.Belfast, ME
2013RSU 1$27,250To provide technical assistance to local school districts regarding C.H.O.I.C.E.S., a collaborative, community partnership approach to advancing public pre-K.Bath, ME
2013United Way of Mid Coast Maine$200,000Three year grant to develop an integrated and collaborative system of home visiting programs in Brunswick, Harpswell and all towns in Sagadahoc and Lincoln Counties.Bath, ME
2012Bowdoinham Public Library$3,000To provide a Bowdoinham Summer Reading Support and Family Literacy Program for low-income children and their families.Bowdoinham, ME
2012Maine School Administrative District 75$20,000To provide student health services at Mt. Ararat High School for low-income students.Topsham, ME
2012Midcoast Maine Community Action$10,000To provide support for a Sustainable Wellness Program offering families and children access to healthy food.Bath, ME
2012Tedford Housing$37,500To provide operating support for Brunswick adult and family shelters serving the Mid-Coast Maine region.Brunswick, ME