County Profile


Oxford County, which shares a border with both New Hampshire and Canada, was known historically for its paper mill and snow shoe manufacturing industries. The paper industry is still one of the largest employers in the county. Oxford County is home to Sunday River.


Oxford County at a Glance:

  • 25.6% of children under 18 live in poverty.**
  • 36.1% of children in Oxford County receive SNAP benefits, 65.5% of school-aged children are eligible for subsidized school meals.**
  • 25% of children are living with food insecurity.**
  • The infant mortality rate in Oxford County is 4.6 per 1,000.**
  • 6.3 per every 1,000 children in Oxford County are in DHHS custody.**
  • 60.6% of children in Oxford County participate in MaineCare.**
  • 47.1% of people in Oxford County are not currently in the workforce.*
  • 20% of the population is under the age of 18.*
  • 45.1% of the population achieved a high school degree; 10.2% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.*
  • The high school graduation rate for Oxford County is 87.8%.**
*Source: American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, 2012-2016
**Source: Maine Kids Count 

Grants Awarded in this Region

2018Lake Region Senior Service$7,000To provide support for the general operations of a transportation program serving low-income seniors and disabled residents throughout four counties in Southwestern Maine.Bridgton, ME
2018Oxford County Mental Health Services$200,000Two year grant to engage Oxford County schools in becoming trauma-informed and integrate resiliency-building into school culture.Rumford, ME
2018Oxford County Mental Health Services$15,000To provide support for general operations for the provision of comprehensive behavioral health support and education to schools, children and families in Oxford County.Rumford, ME
2018River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition$15,000To provide food to low-income families in Oxford County.Rumford, ME
2018Rural Community Action Ministry$15,000To provide general operating to support at-risk individuals living in rural areas of Androscoggin, Kennebec and Oxford counties via services for basic needs, homelessness and hunger prevention.Leeds, ME
2018The Progress Center$25,000To support a community kitchen program distributing healthy food to low-income people in Oxford County, including home-delivered meals to recently discharged hospital patients at risk for malnutrition.Norway, ME
2018Wayside Food Programs$15,000To provide general operating support to increase access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food in Cumberland, Oxford, and York counties.Portland, ME
2017Lake Region Senior Service$9,000For general operating support.Bridgton, ME
2017River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition$25,000To provide food to families in Oxford County.Rumford, ME
2016Community Concepts$224,000To support data analysis, the ability to conduct a strategic analysis of its housing capacity, and greater efficiency in transportation scheduling.Lewiston, ME
2016Lake Region Senior Service$10,000To provide support for programs that provide transportation to low-income seniors, disabled citizens and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2016Oxford County Mental Health Services$25,000To provide mental health services and intervention when law enforcement has become involved in a mental health crisis.Rumford, ME
2016Rural Community Action Ministry$15,000To support programs aimed at alleviating hunger and homelessness for the most vulnerable residents in 13 central Maine towns.Leeds, ME
2016Safe Voices$15,000To support direct services such as emergency housing to men and women fleeing domestic violence situations.Auburn, ME
2016Sexual Assault Crisis Center$25,000To provide mental health services to children who have been sexually abused in Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin counties.Auburn, ME
2016The Progress Center$15,000To provide support for a community kitchen program serving children, youth and families in Norway.Norway, ME
2015Lake Region Senior Service$5,000To support transportation programs for low-income seniors, disabled citizens, and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2015MaineHealth Care At Home$25,000To support the Pediatric Social Work/Navigator Program, which helps children and families coping with the challenges of cancer; and  the Pediatric Telehealth Oncology Program, which allows families to access care from their homes.Saco, ME
2015Oxford Hills School District$50,000To provide a summer learning program that reflects research-based best practices.Oxford, ME
2015SeniorsPlus$25,000To provide funding for Meals on Wheels for older adults in Androscoggin County. Lewiston, ME
2015The Progress Center$25,000To support the Community Kitchen program, which serves nutritious meals to low-income children, adults, and the elderly in Norway, Maine.Norway, ME
2014Community Concepts$20,000To provide funding so seniors and veterans with a cancer diagnosis in Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties can access life-enhancing treatment via Community Concepts' transportation program.Lewiston, ME
2014Lake Region Senior Service$10,000To provide transportation to low-income seniors, disabled citizens and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2014Oxford Hills School District$24,000To provide supplemental funding for the implementation of a summer learning program aimed at addressing summer learning loss.Oxford, ME
2014Oxford Hills School District$50,000To address summer learning loss for students entering grades K through 3.Oxford, ME
2014Rural Community Action Ministry$15,000To provide operating support for programs aimed at alleviating hunger and homelessness for the most vulnerable residents in thirteen central Maine towns.Leeds, ME
2014Safe Voices$15,000To provide general operating support to provide direct services such as emergency housing to men and women fleeing domestic violence situations.Auburn, ME
2014SeniorsPlus$20,000To provide Meals on Wheels to older adults.Lewiston, ME
2014Sexual Assault Crisis Center$15,000To provide operating support for victims of sexual violence across three counties in Maine.Auburn, ME
2014Western Maine Community Action$95,000Two year grant to support a federal match for the Keeping Seniors Home program and to develop a long-term sustainability plan.East Wilton, ME
2013Community Concepts$15,000To provide seniors transportation to and from medical appointments.Lewiston, ME
2013Easter Seals Maine$25,000To provide Early Intervention services such as preventative physical, occupational, speech, and language therapies to disadvantaged children from birth to age 5 with disabilities, special needs, and various mental illnesses.Portland, ME
2013Lake Region Senior Service$5,000To provide transportation to low-income seniors and disabled citizens and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2013Oxford Hills School District$49,984To support a summer learning program aimed at addressing potential summer learning loss in RSU 17.Oxford, ME
2013SeniorsPlus$25,000To provide Meals on Wheels to older adults currently on the wait list.Lewiston, ME
2013Western Maine Community Action$67,000To support the the Keeping Seniors Home Program, which helps Maine seniors age in place.East Wilton, ME
2012Mahoosuc Kids Association$15,000To provide after school programming specific to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for up to 450 youth.Bethel, ME
2012The Progress Center$10,000To provide operating support for a soup kitchen that serves up to 200 meals per day, three times per week.Norway, ME