County Profile


Home to the Lewiston-Auburn area and Bates College, Androscoggin County is historically known as manufacturer of shoes and textiles. Industry in the area has diversified recently, with the health care industry becoming the rejoin’s largest employer.



Androscoggin County at a Glance:

  • The estimated poverty rate in Androscoggin County is 14.8%.*
  • Nearly 22% of children under 18 live in poverty.**
  • 37.4% of children in Androscoggin County receive SNAP benefits, 65% of school-aged children are eligible for subsidized school meals.**
  • 24.5% of children are living with food insecurity.**
  • The infant mortality rate in Androscoggin County is 7.8 per 1,000.**
  • 57% of children in Androscoggin County participate in MaineCare.**
  • 37.7% of people in Androscoggin County are not currently in the workforce.*
  • 30.5% of the population is under the age of 18.*
  • 37.4% of the population achieved a high school degree; 20% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.*
  • The high school graduation rate for Androscoggin County is 83%.**


*Source: American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, 2012-2016
**Source: Maine Kids Count 

Grants Awarded in this Region

2018Bath Housing Development Corporation$40,000Two year grant to support the Comfortably Home program, which increases housing stability of low-income, elderly homeowners by increasing safety, minimizing maintenance burden, and lengthening tenure in their own homes.Bath, ME
2018Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine$115,000To support Project Aim High, an engagement program for middle school aged students in Lewiston, Portland and South Portland.Portland, ME
2018City of Lewiston$125,000To develop and implement recommendations evolving from the Choice Neighborhood resident engagement sessions.Lewiston, ME
2018Community Clinical Services$15,000To provide support for general operations to meet the increased caseload at the Lewiston School-Based Health Center.Lewiston, ME
2018Community Concepts$42,000To support organizational participation in Healthy Neighborhoods, the CHOICE Neighborhood Grant, and to implement their Strategic Growth Plan.Lewiston, ME
2018Community Concepts$245,000To support resident engagement and develop the organizational and financial structures needed to achieve the real estate objectives of the CHOICE Neighborhood initiative.Lewiston, ME
2018Conservation Law Foundation$20,000To provide support for lead poisoning prevention, research, advocacy and technical assistance in Lewiston-Auburn and Portland.Boston, MA
2018Cultivating Community$25,000To provide access to free, healthy food in Cumberland and Androscoggin Counties.Portland, ME
2018Jobs for Maine's Graduates$300,000Two year grant to support the Expanded Opportunity Passport program -- a financial capacity building, education, and matched savings program expanded to non-foster care youth who face challenges or have little or no family support.Augusta, ME
2018Lake Region Senior Service$7,000To provide support for the general operations of a transportation program serving low-income seniors and disabled residents throughout four counties in Southwestern Maine.Bridgton, ME
2018Lewiston Public Schools$45,500To provide support to attract and retain more diversity among instructional staff, which will improve student academic performance.Lewiston, ME
2018Maine Inside Out$48,500To support Maine Inside Out's Leadership Council, which is a year-long effort to develop the leadership, professional experience and social capital of formerly incarcerated older youth.Portland, ME
2018Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute$15,000To support three classes of Olympia's Leaders as they progress through the My Values, My Voice, and My Vision program at Lewiston High School during the 2018 / 2019 academic year.Portland, ME
2018Pine Tree Legal Assistance$315,000Two year grant to support the existing medical-legal lead hazard partnership in Lewiston and to replication the project in the Portland area.Portland, ME
2018Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast$19,500To support, and to leverage a Department of Corrections investment in, a Lewiston-based Youth Court Early Intervention and Equal Opportunity Diversion program.Belfast, ME
2018Rural Community Action Ministry$15,000To provide general operating to support at-risk individuals living in rural areas of Androscoggin, Kennebec and Oxford counties via services for basic needs, homelessness and hunger prevention.Leeds, ME
2018The Center for Wisdom's Women$10,000To provide general operating support to address the basic needs of women with low-incomes through a drop-in center located in downtown Lewiston.Lewiston, ME
2018The Progress Center$25,000To support a community kitchen program distributing healthy food to low-income people in Oxford County, including home-delivered meals to recently discharged hospital patients at risk for malnutrition.Norway, ME
2018The Root Cellar$24,500To provide food through the Friends and Neighbors Network to food insecure families in Lewiston and Portland.Portland, ME
2018Tree Street Youth$20,000To support the Sequoia Juvenile Justice Initiative, a juvenile diversion prgram in Lewiston, Maine.Lewiston, ME
2018Western Maine Community Action$50,000To provide support to Healthy Neighborhoods for their work in Lewiston's Tree Street Neighborhood as related to the CHOICE federal Housing and Urban Development grant.East Wilton, ME
2017Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine$50,000To support the Brain Gain Read! Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program.Portland, ME
2017Community Concepts$18,000To support pre-planning work for the HUD Choice Neighborhood application in Lewiston; including the development of a Physical Needs Assessment of the Maple Knolls Apartments and resident and community meetings.Lewiston, ME
2017Community Concepts$180,000To support an eighteen month expansion of workforce initiative efforts, including support for a project director and coach.Lewiston, ME
2017Community Concepts$175,000To support neighborhood capacity among organziations and residents in the Tree Street Neighborhood as the community works toward neighborhood revitalization.Lewiston, ME
2017Community Financial Literacy$15,000For general operating support.Portland, ME
2017Cultivating Community$15,000To provide local food for people with low to no income, including asylum-seekers.Portland, ME
2017Green and Healthy Homes Initiative$131,000To support the delivery of comprehensive housing assessment and intervention services to low-income families.Baltimore, MD
2017Green and Healthy Homes Initiative$16,500To support GHHI's grant writing and technical assistance work in preparation of the City of Lewiston's application to the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development for Lead Hazard Reduction funding.Baltimore, MD
2017Lake Region Senior Service$9,000For general operating support.Bridgton, ME
2017Lewiston Public Schools$77,000To support enhancements to the Integrated Supports / Response to Intervention System at Montello Elementary.Lewiston, ME
2017Lewiston Public Schools$113,000To fund a Restorative Practices Coordinator at Lewiston High School as well as youth stipends, staff stipends, and training to support the coordinator in implementation of a culturally competent system of Restorative Practices.Lewiston, ME
2017Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin$5,000For general operating support.Auburn, ME
2017Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services$15,400To support organizational planning, human resource management, and governance / financial systems.Lewiston, ME
2017Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services$50,000For general operating support.Lewiston, ME
2017Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services$25,000To to support upgrades to their new community center.Lewiston, ME
2017Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$10,000For general operating support.Brunswick, ME
2017New Beginnings$20,000To provide program support for a 24-hour shelter for runaway and homeless teens in Maine.Lewiston, ME
2017Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute$50,000To provide support for the "My Vision" class of young women leaders.Portland, ME
2017Somali Bantu Community Association$5,000For general operating support.Lewiston, ME
2017St. Martin de Porres Residence$15,000For general operating support.Lewiston, ME
2017St. Mary's Nutrition Center$15,000For general operating support.Lewiston, ME
2017Tree Street Youth$25,000For general operating support.Lewiston, ME
2017Tree Street Youth$20,000To support the Sequoia Juvenile Justice Program.Lewiston, ME
2017Trinity Jubilee Center$25,000To support the Feeding L-A Project, which provides healthy food to low-income residents of Lewiston-Auburn and the surrounding towns. Lewiston, ME
2016Androscoggin Home Health Services$25,000To provide bereavement services for hospice patients and their families who are affected by cancer.Lewiston, ME
2016Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine$38,315For community-based summer programming to address summer learning loss in Lewiston, Portland and South Portland.Portland, ME
2016City of Lewiston$150,000To provide training in entry level construction trades to individuals with low-incomes, including parents, New Mainers, and veterans.Lewiston, ME
2016Community Clinical Services$10,000To provide general operating support for patients' out of pocket expenses not covered by any type of insurance; and community outreach, education and engagement activities.Lewiston, ME
2016Community Concepts$224,000To support data analysis, the ability to conduct a strategic analysis of its housing capacity, and greater efficiency in transportation scheduling.Lewiston, ME
2016Community Financial Literacy$15,000To provide general operating support to provide financial education courses and individual financial and college access counseling sessions.Portland, ME
2016Cultivating Community$15,000To provide support for programs that increase access to healthy food.Portland, ME
2016Goodwill Industries of Northern New England$88,000To support the Take2 program, which provides career pathways and opportunities to build community connections for disconnected youth in Lewiston-Auburn.Portland, ME
2016Green and Healthy Homes Initiative$15,000For grant writing and technical assistance to MaineHousing related to the submission of a 2016 Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control / Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant.Baltimore, MD
2016Lake Region Senior Service$10,000To provide support for programs that provide transportation to low-income seniors, disabled citizens and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2016Lewiston Public Schools$304,000A two year grant to support two English Language Learner coaches to implement recommendations from a program evaluation conducted by the Center for Applied Linguistics.Lewiston, ME
2016Lewiston Public Schools$80,118For the Lewiston Campaign for Grade-Level Reading initiative, which works to ensure Lewiston students are reading at grade level by the end of third grade.Lewiston, ME
2016Lydia Home Association$150,000A two year grant to support Safe Families for Children, which arranges homestays for children in families experiencing immediate crises.Whiting, ME
2016Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$15,000To support programs that provide food to low- income families.Brunswick, ME
2016Muskie School of Public Service$50,000To develop and implement an employer engagement strategy to address youth workforce development in Maine.Portland, ME
2016New Beginnings$15,000To provide program support for a 24-hour shelter for runaway and homeless teens in Maine.Lewiston, ME
2016Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute$50,000For the Androscoggin County beta class of 49 juniors as they begin year two of the leadership program, which is focused on helping participants learn effective communication skills.Portland, ME
2016Rumford Group Homes$25,000To serve children who need crisis stabilization services.Rumford, ME
2016Rural Community Action Ministry$15,000To support programs aimed at alleviating hunger and homelessness for the most vulnerable residents in 13 central Maine towns.Leeds, ME
2016Safe Voices$15,000To support direct services such as emergency housing to men and women fleeing domestic violence situations.Auburn, ME
2016Sexual Assault Crisis Center$25,000To provide mental health services to children who have been sexually abused in Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin counties.Auburn, ME
2016St. Mary's Nutrition Center$15,000To provide general operating support funds to the St. Mary's Nutrition Center, which improves food access to those in need in Lewiston-Auburn.Lewiston, ME
2016The Center for Wisdom's Women$10,000General operating support for a drop-in center for low-income women providing food, clothing, and personal hygiene products.Lewiston, ME
2016The Gathering Place$5,000To provide general operating support for the only daytime shelter for the poor and homeless in the Midcoast Region.Brunswick, ME
2016Tree Street Youth$50,000For capital funding support to expand the existing facility.Lewiston, ME
2016University Of Maine System - New Ventures Maine$10,000To provide coordinated financial education, career planning training and individual coaching to help meet individual and program goals for Family Self- Sufficiency Programs at the Bangor Housing Authority and Lewiston Housing Authority.Augusta, ME
2016Western Maine Community Action$35,400For the Healthy Neighborhoods Planning Council, which organizes community members trying to improve housing in downtown Lewiston and Auburn.E. Wilton, ME
2015Boy Scouts of America$15,750To expand services to boys with low-incomes in Portland, Biddeford and Saco; and to allocate additional resources for Somali youth in Lewiston.Raymond, ME
2015Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine$35,000To address summer learning loss by implementing the Brain Gain Reads program for students entering grades K through 3 in Portland, South Portland and Lewiston/Auburn.Portland, ME
2015College for ME Androscoggin$45,000To support its effots to increase post-secondary attendance and completion in Androscoggin County.Lewiston, ME
2015Cultivating Community$25,000To support programs that increase access to healthy food. Portland, ME
2015Educate Maine$198,000Two year grant to serve as the fiscal sponsor for Count Me In, an initiative focused on partnering with school districts and communities to decrease chronic absenteeism by implementing evidence-based practices.Portland, ME
2015Green and Healthy Homes Initiative$18,000To support the staff time and research needed to bolster the case for receipt of a Lead Hazard Control Grant to the State of Maine.Baltimore, MD
2015Healthy Community Coalition$20,000To support programs that address food insecurity.Farmington, ME
2015Lake Region Senior Service$5,000To support transportation programs for low-income seniors, disabled citizens, and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2015Lewiston Public Schools$140,800To support a summer learning program that reflects research-based best practices.Lewiston, ME
2015Lewiston Public Schools$123,090To make programmatic and instructional improvements, that reflect best practices, to the adult English for Speakers of Other Languages programs.Lewiston, ME
2015Lewiston Public Schools$99,000To pilot an approach at Montello School that will integrate school and community interventions to help children (and their families) succeed and increase third grade reading proficiency.Lewiston, ME
2015Lewiston Public Schools$25,000To support the Campaign for Grade Level Reading.Lewiston, ME
2015Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services$20,000Two year grant to provide cultural brokering and interpretation services for a juvenile justice collaborative in Lewiston.Lewiston, ME
2015Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$20,000To support programs that provide food to low-income families.Brunswick, ME
2015Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute$50,000To launch a year-long leadership program for 10th grade girls in Androscoggin County.Portland, ME
2015SeniorsPlus$25,000To provide funding for Meals on Wheels for older adults in Androscoggin County. Lewiston, ME
2015St. Mary's Nutrition Center$25,000To support food access initiatives.Lewiston, ME
2015The Root Cellar$10,000To provide funding to purchase food for families in Portland and Lewiston.Portland, ME
2015The Root Cellar$36,000To support the Rooted Juvenile Diversion Program.Portland, ME
2015Tree Street Youth$120,000To support the implementation of a Juvenile Justice Reporting Center.Lewiston, ME
2015Trinity Jubilee Center$25,000To support the Feeding L-A Project, which provides healthy food to low-income residents of Lewiston-Auburn and the surrounding towns. Lewiston, ME
2015Trinity Jubilee Center$15,525For philanthropy and fundraising technical assistance.Lewiston, ME
2014Androscoggin Head Start and Child Care$18,000To help families prepare to enroll in the Harold Alfond College Challenge savings program and to provide ongoing education and support to families.Lewiston, ME
2014Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine$46,800To address summer learning loss through the implementation of Brain Gain Reads, a program focused on literacy enrichment for students K – 3.Portland, ME
2014Catholic Charities Maine$15,000To provide funding to support program services and volunteers to isolated seniors so they can remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.Portland, ME
2014Community Concepts$20,000To provide funding so seniors and veterans with a cancer diagnosis in Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties can access life-enhancing treatment via Community Concepts' transportation program.Lewiston, ME
2014Educate Maine$99,000To act as fiscal sponsor for the implementation team of Count ME In, a data-driven community based model to address the problem of chronic absenteeism in Maine.Portland, ME
2014Green and Healthy Homes Initiative$256,000Two year grant to provide technical assistance and staffing support to GHHI Lewiston/Auburn as they work to integrate resources and provide services that improve housing quality and resident outcomes.Baltimore, MD
2014Lake Region Senior Service$10,000To provide transportation to low-income seniors, disabled citizens and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2014Lewiston Public Schools$47,860To contract with the Center for Applied Linguistics to do a complete review of their pre-kindergarten to adult English Language Learner Programs.Lewiston, ME
2014Lewiston Public Schools$23,850To secure technical assistance from the National Summer Learning Association in order to conduct a community-wide assessment of existing summer resources; implement a data-driven system that enables local organizations, funders and other stakeholders to work together more effectively; and shape programs and policies to better meet the community’s needs.Lewiston, ME
2014Lewiston Public Schools$100,000To address summer learning loss for students entering grades K through 3.Lewiston, ME
2014Lewiston Public Schools$24,000To provide supplemental funding for the implementation of a summer learning program aimed at addressing summer learning loss.Lewiston, ME
2014Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services$15,000To provide general operating support.Lewiston, ME
2014Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program$15,000To provide operating support for programs that provide food to low-income families.Brunswick, ME
2014New Beginnings$175,000To provide a permanent home for New Beginnings’ Youth Drop-In Center, Outreach Program, and agency administrative offices, as well as the ability to provide increased educational programming for homeless youth.Lewiston, ME
2014Pine Tree Legal Assistance$585,000Three year grant to support a medical-legal partnership intended to reduce lead paint exposure and poisoning among children in Lewiston.Portland, ME
2014Rural Community Action Ministry$15,000To provide operating support for programs aimed at alleviating hunger and homelessness for the most vulnerable residents in thirteen central Maine towns.Leeds, ME
2014Safe Voices$15,000To provide general operating support to provide direct services such as emergency housing to men and women fleeing domestic violence situations.Auburn, ME
2014SeniorsPlus$20,000To provide Meals on Wheels to older adults.Lewiston, ME
2014Sexual Assault Crisis Center$15,000To provide operating support for victims of sexual violence across three counties in Maine.Auburn, ME
2014Tedford Housing$20,000To provide funding for residential support services to adults in the emergency housing shelter.Brunswick, ME
2014Trinity Jubilee Center$20,000To provide support to the Refugee Assistance Program in Lewiston and Auburn to help immigrants and refugees with basic needs such as housing, medical care and employment.Lewiston, ME
2014Western Maine Community Action$95,000Two year grant to support a federal match for the Keeping Seniors Home program and to develop a long-term sustainability plan.East Wilton, ME
2014Women Unlimited$350,000Two year grant to provide skills training, job connections and work supports to low-income individuals in Bangor, Machias and Lewiston and align that training with the workforce needs of local industries.Augusta, ME
2013Boy Scouts of America$15,534To support the creation of four new scouting units in underserved subsidized Housing Authority neighborhoods.Raymond, ME
2013Catholic Charities Maine$25,000To provide support services and volunteers to isolated seniors so they can remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.Portland, ME
2013Coastal Enterprises, Inc.$600,000A three year grant to develop the organizational infrastructure required to best deploy capital to vulnerable populations in Lewiston, Portland, Machias, and Skowhegan.Brunswick, ME
2013Community Clinical Services$55,000To provide clinical support to children and families at Longley Elementary School and provide technical assistance to school staff.Lewiston, ME
2013Community Concepts$15,000To provide seniors transportation to and from medical appointments.Lewiston, ME
2013Cultivating Community$110,000A two year grant to support the development of transferable job skills and provide new marketing opportunities for New American farmers in the Lewiston-Auburn area through the Business Incubation, Skill Building and Market Development Project and the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project.Portland, ME
2013Lake Region Senior Service$5,000To provide transportation to low-income seniors and disabled citizens and cancer patients.Bridgton, ME
2013Lewiston Public Schools$100,000To provide support for participation in the National Grade Level Reading Campaign and develop a community-wide approach to improve 3rd grade reading proficiency.Lewiston, ME
2013Lewiston Public Schools$76,972To support a summer learning program aimed at addressing potential summer learning loss in Lewiston public schools.Lewiston, ME
2013Lewiston-Auburn Area Housing Development Corporation$50,000To develop and fund a security deposit loan program for low-income and/or homeless families who need assistance with security deposits.Lewiston, ME
2013Lydia Home Association$180,000Three year grant to expand programming to serve the Lewiston, Auburn and Portland area and provide temporary supports for children when their families experience periods of substantial stress.Whiting, ME
2013Maine People's Resource Center$20,000To support Lewiston Community Voices Project to engage low-income Lewiston residents in redevelopment efforts.Portland, ME
2013New Beginnings$172,000To support a pilot program working to integrate mental health services for homeless youth in Lewiston.Lewiston, ME
2013SeniorsPlus$25,000To provide Meals on Wheels to older adults currently on the wait list.Lewiston, ME
2013Spurwink Services$30,000To support the use of Every Day Counts a community based model to work with four school districts to improve student attendance.Portland, ME
2013Veterans Inc.$25,000To provide case management for veterans age 65+ to age in place and receive mental health and other services.Worcester, MA
2013Western Maine Community Action$67,000To support the the Keeping Seniors Home Program, which helps Maine seniors age in place.East Wilton, ME
2012Advocates for Children$10,000To support the Nurturing Parenting Program for the parents of infant, toddler and preschool age children, as well as a specific program for Somali parents.Lewiston, ME
2012Bates College$40,000To support increasing educational attainment and college aspirations for youth and adult residents of Lewiston's poorest neighborhoods.Lewiston, ME
2012Central Maine Community Health Corporation$248,000Two year grant to support Healthy Androscoggin's efforts to build the capacity needed to address high lead poisoning rates in children living in downtown Lewiston.Lewiston, ME
2012Community Concepts$35,000To provide low-income seniors, veterans and cancer patients with rides to critical and preventative medical care, mental health services, social services and prescription pick-up.Lewiston, ME
2012Good Shepherd Food Bank$75,000To provide support for the Mainers Feeding Mainers program to utilize 'purchase partnerships' with Maine Farms, dairies, and fisheries to increase the flow of fresh and healthy foods to food pantries.Auburn, ME
2012Green and Healthy Homes Initiative$49,000To provide technical assistance to Healthy Androscoggin and other stakeholders in Lewiston who are working to decrease elevated blood lead levels in that city.Baltimore, MD
2012Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin$5,782To provide support for literacy tutors and English conversation partners to work with immigrants and refugee students in Androscoggin County.Auburn, ME
2012New Beginnings$25,000To provide support for housing and other services for disadvantaged and disconnected youth in Androscoggin, Franklin, Cumberland, York, and Kennebec counties.Lewiston, ME
2012Safe Voices$15,000To provide security rental deposits for safe housing for women fleeing domestic violence.Auburn, ME
2012SeniorsPlus$25,000To provide meals to seniors currently on the waiting list of the Meals on Wheels program.Lewiston, ME
2012Sexual Assault Crisis Center$24,500To support the Forensic Interviewer Program in an effort to strengthen the community response to child abuse cases.Auburn, ME
2012St. Mary's Nutrition Center$25,000To provide education and support for people facing food insecurity in accessing fresh foods through coordinated local food initiatives.Lewiston, ME
2012The Center for Wisdom's Women$10,000To provide general operating support for the Center for Wisdom's Women, a drop-in Center for low-income women.Lewiston, ME
2012Tree Street Youth$50,000To support Tree Street Youth which provides free academic and social services for children K-12 and their families in Lewiston.Lewiston, ME
2012Tri-County Mental Health Services$80,000To support a new treatment for clients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, mental illness and substance abuse.Lewiston, ME
2012Visible Community$32,500To support the Lead Notification Project which will educate low-income residents about ambient lead dust.Lewiston, ME