Supporting our mission is a set of values that influence the decisions we make, the strategies we advance and the investments we pursue. Specifically:

  • We Value Families: While we seek to improve the lives of all disadvantaged people in Maine, we place a special emphasis on strengthening Maine’s most vulnerable families. The Foundation believes that strong families are the most critical factor in any person’s success and, as such, we put a premium on ideas that advance this principle.
  • We Emphasize Prevention: While the Foundation devotes some portion of our annual grant making to addressing immediate needs, the bulk of our annual resources are devoted to ideas and strategies that address “root causes” and have the potential to prevent the poor outcomes experienced by too many disadvantaged people in Maine.
  • We Strive to Advance Comprehensive Approaches: Given the complexities of the issues facing disadvantaged people in Maine, the Foundation seeks to make investments in ideas that take a comprehensive approach and try to address the multiple needs of individuals and families in an integrated way.
  • We Emphasize Data and Results: The Foundation strives to make investments in ideas for which there are well-reasoned, researched-based rationales; and those that can, over time, measurably improve results for the populations we care most about. We also prioritize institutions, agencies and communities that take such an approach in their work.
  • We Look to Promote Sound Public Policy: Because the Foundation seeks to improve the lives of large numbers of disadvantaged people in Maine, we look to advance ideas that can inform the ability of state and local policy makers to make decisions that have a greater likelihood of improving results for this population.
  • We Value Partnerships and Collaboration: Recognizing that our resources pale in comparison to the depth and scope of the problems we seek to address, the Foundation actively seeks out and advances collaborations and partnerships with other foundations, as well as partners in the public and private sector; and, in our grant making, we favor ideas and strategies that do the same.