Spring 2021 Newsletter: Reasons to be hopeful

Dear Friend,

While spring always brings renewed hopefulness, this year certainly finds it in great measure – and not just because of the warm weather (though that hasn’t hurt either). Vaccinations have finally allowed us to safely reconnect with loved ones and resume pastimes we have dearly missed. And each Mainer who gets vaccinated brings us one step closer to ending this pandemic and the terrible toll it has taken on so many.

As encouraging as this all is, it’s important to remember that many Mainers continue to suffer and need increased assistance. When it comes to mental health and economic stability, the pandemic will have long-lasting effects even after it’s over. And issues like homelessness and workforce barriers – exacerbated by the pandemic – are not going away.

You can read about the incredible work of our partners to address these and other issues in our Spring Newsletter. The John T. Gorman Foundation is grateful for their efforts and privileged to be able to support them. Together, we can help vulnerable Mainers through this difficult time so we can all move toward a brighter future. That is what makes me most hopeful these days.

Hope you have a wonderful spring,

Tony Cipollone
President and CEO

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