Summer 2020 Newsletter: Prolonged Pandemic Brings New Challenges — and Responses

Dear Friend,

To say the last few months have seen one crisis after another would fall short – for it implies that one crisis subsides before another emerges. Rather, it seems that every day there is ever more to demand our collective attention and action.

Of course, there is COVID-19, the impacts of which continue to snowball, with still more uncertainty to come this fall and winter. At the same time, our nation is having a much-needed reckoning about racism and the many systemic inequities faced by people of color. Across Maine, as elsewhere, ordinary people are stepping up in extraordinary ways to respond, giving their time, their energy and their voice to efforts aimed at reducing the hardships of the pandemic and the inequities that make it so hard for so many to get ahead.

In this Summer 2020 Newsletter, we offer a snapshot of just some of these efforts, all of which we’ve been privileged to support in recent months. You’ll learn how groups across Maine are working to reduce threats to the safety and well-being of Maine households during the pandemic; an innovative approach to feeding some of our most vulnerable neighbors; a new effort to reconnect the unemployed to jobs and bolster their skills in a rapidly changing labor market; and how two-generation approaches are both helping low-income families succeed and informing policy changes that can potentially remove some of the systemic barriers that historically have made it hard for families to access what they need to thrive.

If there is a common thread running through each of these efforts, it is the spirit and creativity with which Mainers have adapted to help our neighbors succeed amid these difficult times. While this resiliency and generosity are not unusual in Maine, everyone at the Foundation appreciates these qualities even more so as they shine through this moment’s complex and unprecedented challenges. We’re pleased to support our partners in this work and we hope that you all enjoy learning about it. Please stay safe and stay in touch – we welcome your thoughts and comments.


Tony Cipollone
President and CEO

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