Spring 2020 Newsletter: Providing assistance (while keeping a distance)

Dear Friend,

No matter the task, from the mundane to the complicated, the last two months of living through the COVID pandemic has required all of us to adapt to new ways of living, working and interacting. Thus is the reality of trying to prevent a disease that exploits a fundamental part of the human condition: being together.

If only these changes meant mere inconvenience or a sense of novelty. For many, these have been weeks of incredible stress, anxiety, and loss. No group has been immune – young children are losing out on the formative learning and relationships they had at school; older youth are facing critical transitions without the usual supports; families are dealing with losses of income and increased stress; seniors who rely on outside assistance worry about their increased risk of severe illness.

For their part, the committed nonprofits and institutions that serve these folks have done an incredible job rising to some perplexing challenges. They are providing assistance while keeping their distance and finding new ways to “be there” for people in a time of great need.

The John T. Gorman Foundation has devoted its Spring Newsletter to lifting up some of this work, both in Maine and nationally. We hope you read on to find out about the adaptations of several local nonprofit partners, and how some of our John T. Gorman Fellows are responding to current challenges. Our newsletter also offers an analysis about how the crisis has accelerated evidence-based juvenile justice reforms in Maine. Finally, we also hope that you’ll check out our new COVID Resource Library, which highlights emerging innovations around the country.

Like other foundations in Maine, since March, the John T. Gorman Foundation has sought to support critical work in the community, both in our operations and our giving (an update on those efforts can be found here). In the weeks ahead, we will be announcing further support to help organizations provide immediate services and address some of the longer-term impacts of the outbreak.

Until we see each other again – on Zoom or otherwise – please stay safe and be well,

Tony Cipollone
President & CEO

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