Fall 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

While adjectives like emotional and inspiring are not commonly associated with city council meetings, the words fit recent proceedings in Lewiston to a T.

Last month, the Lewiston City Council took a major step toward a better future for thousands of children and families by unanimously approving a transformation plan for the Tree Street neighborhood. The vote validated over a year’s worth of kitchen-table discussions and community-wide meetings that have galvanized Tree Street residents. Sparked by a federal CHOICE Neighborhood planning grant, these residents have translated their time and voice into a new vision for transforming the housing, health, economic and educational options available to their community, which is home to Maine’s largest concentration of children under the age of five.

Tree Street’s “can-do” spirit and work ethic are the rule in Maine, not the exception. Read our Fall Newsletter for additional examples of Maine people and communities stepping up to address critical challenges—whether it’s ensuring that children from the asylum-seeking families who recently arrived in Portland are ready for school, saving small-businesses in Washington County through retirement succession planning, or implementing dramatic policy shifts to strengthen the well-being of vulnerable children and families across the state.

The John T. Gorman Foundation is proud to support and, in some cases, actively partner on these important and impressive efforts. We hope you’ll concur that they capture some of the best and most authentic characteristics of Maine’s people and communities. As always, thanks for reading.

-Tony Cipollone, President & CEO