Winter 2017 Newsletter

Throughout these chilly months, groups across the State continue to work hard to expand supports and opportunities for disadvantaged Mainers.  In this Winter Issue of our John T. Gorman Foundation Newsletter, we want to update you about some of the great work being done by grantees and other partners around Maine. We’ll begin by introducing you to the new cohort of John T. Gorman Fellows, who will kick off their work together at the end of the month. We’ll also tell you about a new workforce initiative in Lewiston focusing on the construction trades, which we think holds real promise for both employers and jobseekers in that community.

The Maine CA$H coalition is now in its second decade of helping tax filers around the state build their long-term assets, and we are proud to support their efforts as they continue to figure out more efficient ways to serve their clients.  We were also pleased to support a new report that examines the issue of juvenile records in the state of Maine, and recommends practical ways to improve the way that we help young people rebound from their past mistakes.

Finally, a reminder that our annual Direct Service Grants Program is now open and will continue to accept applications until March 30 th. Each year, this program helps us support and learn more about the important work nonprofits are doing around the state, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

Stay warm and as always, I invite you to send along any questions or comments related to our mission of improving lives for vulnerable people in Maine.

-Tony Cipollone, President and CEO

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